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The Centre for Dairy Excellence is a company which specialises in assisting clients with finding innovative increases in dairy herd  productivity  and  health, utilising  data and best practice principals, resulting in  overall  improved farm performance and profitability. We provide a wide range of consultancy services to the dairy sector. Our aims are to provide a dynamic consultancy service focusing on nutritional, animal health and reproductive advice to dairy clients as well as a rollout centre of industry best practise enterprises such as the Incalf and SmartSamm programmes offered by DairyNZ


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Phosphorus in fodder beet feeding: when to add phosphorous and when to save some money

Fodder beet feeding is well under way on many wintering blocks and so far the work done by Jim Gibb and Craig Trotter on transitioning cows onto this crop has paid off and we are not seeing too many problems. A frequent question though is: should I be adding phosphorous to my cows when they are on fodder beet. Quoting, directly from Jim:


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Fodderbeet and Pasture Beef Finishing Systems

BRIEF COMMUNICATION: Ad libitum fodder-beet and pasture beef finishing systems – intake, utilisation, grazing behaviour and liveweight gains by B Saldias and SJ Gibbs

Bobby Calf Focus Events

Join a Bobby Calf Focus event for farm owners and managers and set up your farm for a risk-free, successful calving season with the best care for your calves.

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Animal Monitoring

We are working alongside Allflex New Zealand to provide and support the SCR Cow intelligence system. This cow collar based system has the ability to monitor cow activity and rumination behaviour in near real time. This can then provide accurate oestrus detection, identify animal health issues before they are visible to the farmer, monitor nutrition and transition feeding issues and offer another level of information to the farmer on both an individual cow and whole herd level to assist with key decision making. For more information please contact Meg Simpson 027 706 6719.

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